Gfx Tool for Pubg Mobile | How to Reduce Lag in Pubg Mobile

Having problem playing PUBG Mobile on your Android device due to regular dropped FPS? With this method, you can enhance performance and PUBG Mobile FPS using GFX tool. Battle Royale gaming style has become the trend in Android gaming and PUBG Mobile is dominating this trend . However, the game is high-end  and requires powerful hardware for smooth gameplay. For users experiencing dropped FPS and Freezing issue, use our guide to improve PUBG Mobile FPS with Gfx tool.

How to Configure GFX Tool for Better PUBG FPS

With the help of the GFX tool, available on Google Play Store, instantly enhance performance of PUBG Mobile game on your  Android device. This tool help you on enhancing performance  in terms of better FPS and Reducing Lag. You have to just install GFX Tool and configure it as per guide provided below. 

How to Configure GFX Tool for Better PUBG FPS

To enhance the performance of PUBG Mobile on your Android phone just follow the given steps. Before you start the process let me tell that you don't require any rooted device for performing the process.

Step 1 – First download the GFX tool from the Google Play Store on your android device.
Google Play Store: GFX Tool

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Step 2 – Set the parameters in the Gfx Tool as given in the screenshot below.

Pubg Gfx Settings

Step 3 – Keep the resolution in the Gfx Tool as per your Android Device. After successfully setting up the Gfx Tool , enjoy the Pubg Mobile without any framedrops.

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