PUBG Restaurant Spotted In Jaipur

The popular game of Battle Royale PlayerUnkown Battlegrounds or PUBG soon took the world with the attack. It was released as a previous access test on Steam and taken off like a rocket last year. Even the developers did not expect a great response. He has sold millions of copies despite having a price of $21 in India. For the record, PUBG is a battle shooting game in which 100 players fight each other to see who is the last person standing. The concept came so well that it generated other games like turf, but only one could rival Fortnite.

PUBG Restaurant

However, the increase in popularity of PUBG has not slowed down at all last year and made non-gamers also a phenomenon. Web sites and parody channels have adopted PUBG as the main theme for most of their memes and, suddenly, everything was on social networks. Even people who had not played the game knew it. PUBG was released for the first time on PC and then the Xbox version came out at the end of last year. Later, this year PUBG was launched on iOS and Android, which was called PUBG Mobile, and therefore, the popularity of the game has skyrocketed.

And India is one of those countries where PUBG has gained immense popularity. And one of the direct results of this popularity seems to be a new restaurant opened in Jaipur, whose theme is after PUBG.

Pubg Restaurant Tables

Pubg Restaurant Tables

The name of the restaurant is PUBG, which is the abbreviation of Belly Grounds of PlayerUnknown. The restaurant has tables that look like ankle boots, with murals on the walls of PUBG characters. There are some tables that look like a UAZ vehicle and even have support guns.

The restaurant theme is impressively done to mimic the game, and it will be a great place to eat if you're a fan of PUBG and an enthusiastic player. So, if you're in Jaipur, go to this new restaurant located at 5, Panchsheel Colony, Sushilpura, Ajmer Road, Jaipur 302019.

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