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Venezia 2.0

A new Map of PUBG Mobile has been leaked by a Reddit User .We have very few details about the map.It is a 4x4 concept map inspired by Venice, Italy.It is about the size of the area between Georgepol, Primorsk and Pochinki.

Let's take a step back and imagine that this map looks like Venice in about 30-50 years, we could see many sunken lands. Sandbags and sand bars can be added to reduce erosion and maintain water levels. In the end, all this work to preserve the city would have been useless, so we would have remained with an outer ring of semi-sunken buildings, covered with sand. Sand bars or even sea walls and piles of rocks. Some buildings would have been submerged, others would have collapsed and there would have been many sandbanks and sandbags as cover to move.

This first area would be a place where one could plunder under water, or inside a broken and exposed building, or on a more exposed beach. High risk, high reward for looting. This also diversifies your playing styles from the typical urban warfare scenario.

Venezia Map Changes

Moreover, the circles here would be unpredictable and diametrically different from their standard urban circle.

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In second place we would have the average city. It would look at a mostly normal city, with some flooded areas and others under construction with scaffolding and other construction projects linking buildings and roofs.

This creates a different space for struggle that passes very well in the first and third space.

Last but not least, and thirdly, we have the city center. Virtually intact and very similar to the original city, this area would provide everyone with its urban / canal war solution, and more traditional end circles.

Size comparison to Erangel.

The final reasoning for this, is that developers can customize the map to contain most of the real Venice that has a strategic sense, can make their own unique design choices in the external ranges of the city and provide a higher level of versatility that a true map of life in Venice may not be able to provide us.

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