PUBG Banned 13 Million Cheaters till Now

PlayersUnkown BattleGround popularly known as PUBG was an instant hit with players all over the world; however, there were several piracy and deception issues faced by the developers. Although PUBG seems to fight a tough battle against all users who are cheating on their platform, developers have recognized it in the past and have made sure that steps are implemented to keep the trap under control.

Now, a user of Reddit, named sjk045, has compiled data from 69 different Bluehole publications that were featured on the website of the PUBG publishing house. For the unknown, Bluehole linked to the PUBG has published weekly and list the number of players allowed by the platform, which allows other data collected all the banned players and then calculate the total number.
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After collecting data from Bluehole, sjk045 concluded that PUBG has banned 13 million players that have been caught cheating on the platform since June 2017. The Reddit user also published a self-produced chart that compiles the Bluehole Data and highlights the maximum time period of prohibition for PUBG, as well as the decrease in the number of players.

If we follow the sjk405 chart, PUBG seems to have to deal with a lot of deception activity on its platform this year, however, the participation of players also saw a simultaneous fall. It should be noted that the cheats accounts have been banned by PUBG developers, while some reports suggest that they are back on the platform with a different name / account.

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