Windows 10 October 2018 Update Announced by Microsoft at the IFA

IFA 2018 Microsoft announced the name of the next update of Windows 10, known internationally as Redstone 5. Microsoft, the company based in Redmond, Washington, said the next Windows update function is called Windows 10 Update October 2018. With the update, the company wants to bring new features and improvements to almost 700 million devices running Windows 10. Microsoft, however, did not announce exactly what is in the update and said that further details will be revealed in the period that precedes the release date. The company is publicly testing Redstone 5 through its Windows Insider program for a while and details some of the features revealed by the tests.

In his keynote presentation at IFA 2018 Berlin, Microsoft introduced several Windows PCs such as Lenovo C630 Yoga, Yoga Book C930, Dell Inspiron 13 7000 2 in 1, Go Surface, Acer Predator Triton 900, among others. Sharing the new experiences of Windows during the event, Erin Chapple, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft has also confirmed that others will come with the next update of Windows 10.

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In May of Microsoft Build 2018, the company brought numerous new developments in major Microsoft products. Many of these ads were on Windows 10. Although Microsoft has not reconfirmed what features will have the final update of Windows 10 October 2018, the company expects to incorporate several new features, such as the dark mode File Explorer, the application your phone and more.

Microsoft had previously stated that a dark theme has finally come to Windows 10 and will initially be available in File Explorer, Explorer context menu and file dialog common File menu. You can access the configuration of the function in Settings> Personalization> Colors. A new note is part of Windows 10 Preview Builds for some time. New cloud-based notes can be viewed with the Win + V hotkeys and can be accessed from any PC with this Windows compilation or later. This new Note will be synchronized with the same technology as the Timeline and the Set.

Meanwhile, Search in Windows 10 will now display previews. With previews, users can skip, view progress and disambiguate between files when they see more information. Search previews will also be used to get quick answers to questions like "Are bananas good for you?" or "height of Mount Everest". Microsoft promised regular updates to look for previews in the future.

Microsoft also offers the ability to name mosaicked folders. The option to name the folder will be displayed when you expand the folder with multiple panes. The names will be visible on average, wide or wide view. In addition, the Insider Preview compilation includes Bing-based contextual questions integrated into the configuration menu.

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When it comes to Microsoft Edge, browser tabs will be displayed in Alt + Tab mode. It will be introduced as a new feature set, which will also get a perfect acrylic based title bar design, and the window border is set to gray. It is also expected that window preferences will arrive, allowing users to choose whether applications or websites need to be opened in new windows or tabs. Users will also have the option to disable the specific tabs for Set and defer the tabs in the background. The cards will be restored even faster. In addition, a key added to the PDF reader in the Edge browser will be that all tools in the toolbar now have a text description.

Microsoft has recently updated its Notepad for Windows application with many new features. It is said that the new features are part of the Windows update that currently has the codename Redstone 5. During the same update, Microsoft announced a faster way to access a shared PC, called 'Quick login' and biometric options advanced. for access to Windows 10 Note that the latest update with Insider Preview Build 17744 of Windows 10 only shows some bug fixes and general improvements.

In addition to the above, Microsoft may announce several changes in Windows Shell, Windows Settings, Cortana from Microsoft and other changes and bug fixes to Windows Update October 10, 2018.

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