The Longest kill of PUBG was almost 7,000 meters

All the numbers surrounding PlayerUnknown's battlefields have been very impressive so far.

The game Battle Royale has sold six million copies in preview at Steam, has reached 500,000 simultaneous players and Twitch viewers have watched 60 million hours of play last July.

Longest Kill In Pubg | Image Credit: IGN
But now, let's take a look at some even colder numbers, thanks to IGN. Brendan "PlayerUnknown" Greene has revealed some statistics of the game, which include which weapons have been killed most, as most of the players died and also that which was the longest recorded death.

The longest massacre of PUBG so far was 6,766 meters, from Stalber, in the northeastern corner of the map, to Primorsk, in the southwest corner of the map, according to Greene. He did not specify how this massacre happened, but anyone familiar with the map will tell you it's crazy.

Pubg Sniper

Greene also revealed killings by type of firearm, with assault rifles representing 56.97 percent of all gun killings. The next was a 15.59% shotgun, followed by machine guns and sniper rifles with 13.73% and 8.03% respectively.

What's more deadly than weapons in PUBG? Nothing, since 703 million deaths were caused by firearms, but the second most lethal thing in the game were the vehicles, responsible for 147 million deaths. Even the circles are deadly, since 5.4 million deaths have been for the ever-expanding blue circle, and 4.3 million died due to the random spawning of the red circle full of explosives.

Greene said the players have traveled a total of more than two billion meters, both on foot and in vehicles. It is almost a distance enough to travel on the planet Saturn and return.

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All data was captured between March 23 and July 19, so the numbers are not completely updated, but they give an idea of ​​how popular PUBG has been since its launch. And it seems like it's just getting bigger.

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