PUBG Mobile Snow Map : Launch Date | Changes | New Weapons & Vehicles

Just as we were about to learn about the 8x8km island map of Erangel and its counterpart desert theme, Miramar, we now have lots of new thrilling PUBG maps. From the recently released jungle map of a 4x4km jungle Sanhok map designed for continuous quarrels, a new training map and a  PUBG snow map called Dihor Otok, there are many new extermination camps on the horizon. To help keep you updated on all the new PUBG maps, we've put together this summary of everything we know about the next battlefields.

One of the best features of PUBG is its range of colossal maps: they are large enough to accommodate different styles of play and offer an unparalleled variety of combat scenarios for aspiring tactical military outweigh them. However, the next two PUBG maps are very different: the PUBG training map has features that allow you to improve your game or just have some fun, while the snow map of PUBG seems to add traceable steps to actual battle.

The PUBG training map is currently available on test servers if you want to test it. However, the snow map details of PUBG were much poorer.

In E3 2018, a progression of the winter-themed map was shown, but it only revealed that players could draw traces in it. A recent mine of data has revealed much more information on the next snow map, which we will elaborate on below.


A recent mine of data has brought to light many details on the new PUBG map, including a name, possible vehicles and key buildings. The new snow map measures 8x8 km and is a snow-covered mountainous island called Dihor Otok. This information was discovered in a large data mine, which also produced plots and patterns for buildings that would appear on the map, such as a dinosaur park, rockets, several castles, and many gothic brick houses. More importantly, the data mine also contains an image of the map, which you can consult below.

It also seems that we will have some new toys to play on the new PUBG: C4 map and two new vehicles. The C4 will create some incredibly tortuous games in the new environment, while a Beetle truck and Z130 platform has also been seen in the ranks, which means we hope to hit the snowy Dihor Otok in a truck.

We could only see the images of the last desert card game this week, but it was confirmed that PUBG will receive another map after the publication of the desert map.

The new map is still in the initial planning phase, so it is unlikely that it will soon reach PUBG. That said, we already have a lot of information on the new map and how it will be.

When will the new map come?

As you can imagine, there is not yet a release date for the third PUBG map. The development team working in PUBG has not yet produced a release date internally. There is a lot of work to do before they can start accelerating work on the Adriatic map.

If we had to guess, we would say that it is likely that the Adriatic sea map can be launched at the end of 2018 or early 2019. We might be wrong, but it would not make much sense when compared to the current time that led us to work on its. the map of the desert.

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We will probably hear more about the Adriatic paper next year. At the moment, PUBG Corp. has tried to keep the details quite calm, but once the development of the current content is finished, you will have more free space to talk about the Adriatic map.

What's wrong with the desert map?

The desert map is still in progress. In reality, the map is almost ready for launch. The desert map will arrive at PC test servers this week and should be sent to live servers later in December.

The full version of 1.0 for PUBG is scheduled for December 20th, so it's likely that the desert map will be released at that time. We're not sure if the desert map will switch to the Xbox One version at the time, but it's likely.

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If you did not know it yet, the desert map was recently shown at the Game Awards and looks absolutely stunning. While Erangel is good in itself, it was built primarily from placeholder objects and was never designed to be the main map of PUBG.

In the case of the desert map, which has now been confirmed as Miramar, all buildings and land have been built from scratch.

PUBG Corp. developers have mentioned that this map will offer more strategic gaming opportunities than the current map, and players will be forced to make more tactical decisions to survive.

All the land was built thinking about the new vault mechanics. You will no longer have problems climbing rocks and hills: with the vault, you can easily climb rocks and obstacles.

It is also likely that the Adriatic map is carefully designed from scratch, as did Miramar. It will be exciting to see how the third map will be.

Fortunately, the gameplay of Battle Royale has been solved and most of the game's mechanisms in PUBG work well already. Once the servers and client are optimized, the PUBG team will have more time to work on new content, like new maps, new weapons and other features.

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