PUBG Mobile crosses 100 million downloads in less than four months

The PC and console version of PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds may be late in the run against Fortnite, but the mobile version of the game is moving forward. The PC and console versions of PUBG have lagged behind competing downloads and players, as well as gains over their biggest rival, Fortnite. But PUBG Mobile, which was launched shortly after Fortnite reached iOS, remained ahead of its competitor.

According to the publisher of the game Tencent Games, PUBG Mobile, which was launched on March 19, has just exceeded 100 million downloads on iOS and Android. In these four months, PUBG Mobile has reached the milestone of having over 14 million active daily users. And this list excludes players from China, Japan and Korea.

It helps to have constant updates in the game and some features and aesthetic elements that are not even present in the PC and in the game versions of the game. There are new game modes added frequently and additional maps, which give the game a lot of variety. Recently, the developers held a Mission: Impossible crossover event along with the release of the film that kept the game's hype machine running.

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Vincent Wang Tencent said: "We want to thank our development team dedicated to the speed of light and Quantum Studios, and especially thank the players around the world who continue to inspire us with their passion and dedication devotees continue to set the standard for mobile games We hope to offer even more excellent content to our players by the end of the year. "

PUBG largest mobile competitor, the mobile version of Fortnite, just launched on Android devices and is now available in a limited number of devices and is by invitation only. The iOS version of Fortnite is still in beta, although it has gained further advantages. These combined factors have made life easier for PUBG Mobile.

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