POCO Launcher available for MIUI-based devices: What’s new?

As promised by Jai Mani, product manager of POCO, the POCO launcher has been made available to the public from today and arrives 6 days before scheduled arrival. This is because it is available exclusively for MIUI based phones for now.

During the launch of the POCO F1, Mani described several small and ingenious changes made to the existing MIUI platform, on which POCO Launcher is based. These changes emphasize better categorization and customization of applications.

What's new in POCO Launcher?

Drawing application

The biggest change in POCO Launcher is the presence of an application drawer, which MIUI is missing from its first stable public release four years ago. The application drawer now shows all the applications installed on your phone in a grid format, like other Android-based launchers.

Although this was not a problem for native users (and Apple), people who come from other Android user interfaces, especially those who prefer an almost Android experience, have expressed the need to have an application drawer. Also Funtouch UI of Vivo and ColorOS UI of Oppo will skip the application drawer.

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Application categorization

In addition to appearing in alphabetical order in a grid format, applications can also be inserted into cards classified by gender. POCO Launcher comes pre-installed with the Communication, Entertainment, Tools, Shopping, Finance and Business, Lifestyle, Photography and Personalization tabs. Applications are categorized automatically after their launch from the Play Store. However, it is possible to change the order of these applications.

Mani also mentioned a color coding feature that allows categorization of applications based on the color of their icons, but has not made its way into our version of POCO Launcher. You can wait for it in the next updates.

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POCO Launcher comes with a search bar at the top that allows you to write and search for applications. This is especially useful when an application is ignored while navigating through the application drawer.

If you have a MIUI-based device, you can download the (unstable) beta version of the POCO launcher from the MIUI forums. It is important to know that this version is there to give you the first impression and is susceptible to blockages and errors.

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