How To Install Pubg Sanhok Map In Android/iOs | What's New In Sanhok Map

If you're an enthusiastic PUBG fan, you'll know that the PC version of the game has three maps that include Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok. However, the same does not happen with other editions of PUBG, since on Xbox, iOS and Android users only have access to two maps, while Sanhok a.k.a Savage is not available.

While the normal English version of PUBG Mobile does not yet have Sanhok, the Chinese edition has recently been updated to add this third option to the map. This means that you can now enjoy the new PUBG map on your iPhone or Android Device even before your friends can, by downloading the Chinese version of PUBG to your device. Sanhok Map is also available on PUBG Global Beta Version.

Sanhok is an action-packed rainforest map that is much smaller than two other maps. The smaller dimensions of the map result in multiple actions and prevent the game from being too long and boring.

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To play on the Sanhok map (called Sano in the Chinese version of the game) on your mobile phone, you must follow the steps below. During this tutorial, you will download the free PUBG Mobile game from the Chinese App Store. Keep in mind that the game is based on the Chinese language, so you'll have more difficulty navigating your menu. Once past the menu, the game will be familiar to those who have played the English edition.

How to download and play PUBG Mobile Sanhok Map On iOs

Step 1: Open and create your Chinese Apple ID with an email address that no longer has an associated Apple ID. Be sure to choose "China" as a country.

Step 2: Once the ID is created, launch the App Store on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and tap the profile picture.

Step 3: Disconnect from your current Apple ID and log in with your Chinese Apple ID and accept the terms and conditions.

Step 4: Use "None" as a payment method. Complete the rest of the form with random details and click Next.

Step 5: You need to go to the Chinese app store. Search for PUBG in the App Store. Be sure to download the Tencent Mobile Games game. Here is the direct link to the game.

Step 6: Once you have downloaded the game, simply start and play.

How to download and play PUBG Mobile Sanhok Map On Android

Method 1:

Step 1:  Open the link.

Step 2: Select Android, it will start downloading the Chinese Version Of  PUBG Mobile.

Step 3: After it is downloaded , install it.

Step 4 : Install WeChat From Play Store to login.

Step 5 : Start the game And Choose WeChat To login.

Method 2:

Step 1 : Open the link and Download the PUBG Mobile Global Beta 0.8.

Step 2 : Install it And Login with Social Profile.

Step 3 : Run And Enjoy the game...!!!

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What's New in Sanhok Map

New map and features

1.The new "Sanhok" rainforest map is open, players can choose the jungle map to match the map selection.
2. Add the "Season Archive" feature, which you can access in the game season interface to see data from previous seasons.

New vehicles
1. New vehicles: bullet-proof Jeep and Muscle UAZ cars.

New guns and accessories

1. Added the QBZ assault rifle, using 5.56 mm bullets, randomly positioned around Sanhok.

2. Added a flare gun to signal a super-air release. It can be summoned to the playing area and a bulletproof UAZ can be summoned outside the playing zone, which will be in classic mode for a limited time.

3. Peak mouth for S1897 and S12K, which greatly reduces the vertical extension of the rifle projectiles and increases the horizontal dispersion.


1. Reduce the additive effect of accessories on the lumbar extension.
2. After adjusting the range of projectiles, the projectiles will be distributed more densely.
3. The projectile can penetrate the water and hit the enemies underwater, but the damage will be less.
4. The M24 sniper rifle will be removed from the airdrop and randomly placed around the map, but the damage will be offset to 79.
5. The negative effect of light grip is eliminated and the effect is to greatly improve the stability of the shot and improve recovery of the recoil.
6. Optimizing the firing performance of the assault rifle and SMG
7. Optimization of the performance of the red sight and 8x optics.
8.Added the ability to replace the optical model and color of the following places of interest: red dot, holographic view and 2x view.
9. The sensitivity of the 3x and 6x ranges can be adjusted.
10. During the extension of 6x Scope and 8x Scope, the sensitivity will be adjusted dynamically based on the sensitivity of the different multiples of the interval established by the player. When using 8x Scope with 4x magnification, the sensitivity of the 4x range configuration is applied.

11.Optimizing the performance of the 11.6x Scope and 8x Scope zoom was consistent with the performance of the final game.
12. Added the possibility to see the list of spectators in battle.
13. Configuration of the automatic selection, such as the number of projectiles, the number of drugs, the number of grenades, etc.
14. Players can choose their game strategy before matching to better match players who play similar to you
15. Time limited clothing can now be decomposed and the reward for decomposition is BP.
16. Optimized animation during decomposition.
17. Display of the optimized backpack menu.
18. Modified the user interface to increase the visualization of the image of you and your teammates.
19. Added the possibility of throwing apples into the spawning island.
20. Added new weapons masks.

21. New "Boot Camp" system
22. New players entering the game can go through a Boot Camp, and the Boot Camp awards can be completed in 7 days.
23. Existing players can also complete a Boot Camp mission after the game has been launched and receive rewards after completion.
Repair 24.BUG
25. Fixed the problem that some vehicles are too prone to drift in some parts of the map.
26. Fixed the problem with which the user interface is not updated in time.
27. Fixed the problem that playing in FPP can make you see through the walls.
28. Fixed the problem that the range of movement of the visual field of the character is limited.
29. Fixed the problem of anomalous instability after the opening of Groza in some states.
30. Other known problems have been solved.

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