"Facebook Watch" Launched Globally | A Video Monetization Plateform for Publishers

Facebook announced Tuesday a series of new tools to help creators monetize viewers on the platform. The social society probably focuses on attracting influencers from other popular online platforms: in 2018, 82% of influencers expect their platform to be Instagram, while 12% will focus on YouTube: only 1 , 7% Facebook expects the network to focus on, according to a November report by the Hashoff research company.

If Facebook had succeeded in attracting more influential people, viewers would follow, offering a wider range of brand sponsorship opportunities.

Here is a breakdown of the ads focused on the creators of Facebook:

A new program that allows certain creators to monetize their videos through commercial breaks. The program, called Facebook for Creators Launchpad, is available by application and gives priority to creators who create secure videos for brands that last three minutes or more. In addition to the exchange of advertising revenue, Facebook can also distribute videos of program participants in Watch, its section dedicated to TV-like content. This new program could help Facebook attract creators who were recently discouraged by the stricter YouTube monetization eligibility standards implemented in January.

New tools to help creators make their videos live and more interactive on demand. Creators will be able to incorporate on-demand video surveys and integrate other features, such as contests and challenges, to "play" their live videos. In the coming weeks, publishers like Insider and BuzzFeed will be launching sample games on Facebook Watch that will use some of these new tools.

Facebook is tracing a page from the playbook of HQ Trivia, a popular and relatively young app that allows users to answer questions of live curiosity for a cash prize. HQ Trivia has attracted the attention of brands seeking to sponsor their programs and Facebook will probably do the same with its new gamification tools.

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Expanding a tool to help brands influence campaigns sponsored by content. Facebook is expanding the "Brands Collabs Manager", which allows brands to look for popular creators on the social platform with follower accounts ranging from 25,000 to 8 million. The tool, which was previously tested with some partners, increases the ability to detect influencers on Facebook. This could encourage influencers to distribute more content on Facebook to increase their chances of being found.

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