PUBG Mobile Lite released for mid-range smartphones

The Chinese video game company Tencent Games has announced the lighter version of its popular PUBG Mobile game in the Philippines. Now, the company has confirmed to The Mobile Indian that the PUBG Mobile Lite will soon arrive in India.

Aneesh Aravind, general manager of Tencent Games India, has confirmed to The Mobile Indian that he is currently testing the Lite version in India. "At the moment we are testing the PUBG Mobile Lite and optimizing it for Indian networks and devices, after having successfully tested them we will launch it in India in the near future," he said. PUBG Mobile Lite is the new Tencent Games offer, developed specifically for medium-low-end smartphones.

The game for mobile devices has been a hit among the gaming public all over the world. The decision comes after the great success of Battle Royale Games, PlayerUnkown BattleGround (PUBG) and Fortnite, the latest that should be released when the Galaxy Note 9 will continue in sales.

What's different about the Lite version, questions? For starters, in PUBG MobileLite, users will only play in 40-person games instead of the 100 players in the original game. Therefore, the map is smaller in a considerable margin and therefore it is the use of RAM, which is a decent medium-range device to play the game Battle Royale. In addition to this, both the PUBG Mobile Lite game and the game you loved playing in a flagship phone and using the lighter application in a more powerful phone will only speed up the game.

Having been released earlier this year, PUBG Mobile can only be played on Android devices that are powerful enough to handle the challenging game it is. A few seconds after starting the original game, it is assumed that the device will load a large map with 100 players and will be able to put all the graphic details within the thumbs of the palm. So, if you're someone who uses a cheap phone or even an older device, it's likely to cost you having a constant frame rate to actually play and that's where PUBG Lite appears. With its Lite version already active, PUBG is ahead of its competitor Fortnite because it has a mobile application for iOS and Android, while the latter is only available for Apple devices.


Currently, PUBG Lite is only available to users in the Philippines, but considering it has been running smoothly, we can expect Tencent Games to take it to other regions, including India, where users with budget phones want to play PUBLIC

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