Bing Spotlight uses artificial intelligence to highlight the news being published

Nowadays there is an avalanche of news and Microsoft wants to help make sense of everything. Today announced Bing Spotlight, an artificially intelligent news aggregator that offers an overview of the stories being developed in Bing's search results.

Bing Spotlight does not appear only in the titles. It shows a step-by-step program of events from "different points of view", most relevant publications on social networks and links to in-depth coverage.

"The trust of users in the news we present is of utmost importance to Bing," the Bing team wrote, "and we are committed to providing a complete view of the news from a variety of quality sources."

Bing Spotlight

It is available on the Bing desktop and the mobile web in the United States. A spokesperson told VentureBeat via email that Bing Spotlight is an "evolving feature" and that the team will evaluate options based on comments.

Bing Spotlight shows current problems with the help of deep learning algorithms that capture millions of search queries and news articles every day. Based on web graphics of "hundreds of millions" of websites, it takes into account signals such as browser records, the number of publishers that cover a story and how each publisher presented their stories on their sites.

The articles must be "original, legible, journalistic and transparent" before being considered for a first position and must demonstrate "good journalistic practices" such as the identification of sources and authors, the granting of attributions and the labeling of opinions and comments .

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"Being an informed consumer of news is more difficult today than it was," wrote the team. "Our goal is to provide a broader context for the impact of stories, from politics to business, major disasters and much more."

Bing Spotlight arrives about three months after Google unveiled a new Google News smartphone app. Like Bing Spotlight, the new and improved Google News intelligently reads articles, podcasts, videos and publications on social networks and uses artificial intelligence to check the facts and highlight items of particular interest.

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